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SHE WOLF AND CUB Starts Today!

Have you ever said to yourself, “Self, where are all the cyborg assassin Westerns, because I really want to read one?”

I did. So I wrote one. And you can now read it.

swacThat’s right! Fireside has just begun Year Three. That means my book-length serial, She Wolf and Cub, taking off where my short story Maternal Type ends, is beginning! Chapter One is out today. It has art by the fabulous Galen Dara and is just generally some of the most kickass fun I’ve had writing something for a long while.

Longtime readers will remember that PACK, an e-short out through Orbit, is one of my first attempts at writing the short story that eventually became She Wolf and Cub. Just in case you wanted to see how a story can change, and morph, and become something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

I’m really excited for this year’s Fireside, and I hope you guys are too. Please consider subscribing or otherwise supporting–Fireside’s mission is providing great fiction AND paying its writers a decent wage, two things I very much believe in.

Happy Monday!

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