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Preorder PACK!

PACK Psst! Wanna preorder a brand-new short story by yours truly?

That’s right, PACK is now available for preorder through Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and soon Google Play! (Kindle people, I’m sorry, but Amazon is still being greedy, so it’s not up for preorder there.) If you’d like an excerpt, you can read one here.

Short stories are generally difficult for me, and often I have to take several tries at one before I arrive at a finish point. Some of the malformed starts are able to be rescued and turn into finished stories in their own right, and PACK is one of them. The story had its genesis in last year’s Fireside Magazine short; before I could write Maternal Type I had to make several starts. Readers of Maternal Type and the upcoming Fireside serial will notice certain similarities, though PACK has no cyborgs.

I’m excited, and I hope you guys like Lydia and Huckleberry, and Oscar the Aussie, who may be very, very loosely based on a certain Australian Shepherd my readers will be familiar with…

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Oooh! Shiny! Also, your POV character is thinking the same things I would be after the Great Fuckery, so I already like her!


what is not to love, ordering on my Nook now.


I’m new to the ereader’verse, as I just got a Kindle Fire HD. How am I to get the PACK? Will I be able to purchase it through Amazon? even though I won’t be able to pre-order it. And will there be more of this story to come? 😀

Angelika Monkberg

Sadly it’s not available in Germany ….