A Three-Day Tour

Mantra Kids are back in school. All the last-minute, little weird things necessary to get them settled–paperwork, signing syllabi, letting their teachers know I’m watching–are taken care of, except for getting the Little Prince performance wear for choir class. (Kid’s in middle school now, and has Opinions. Whoa.)

As a result of arranging, signing, scheduling, and basically juggling chainsaws, I’ve fallen behind. So I’m taking the weekend to catch up. It’s basically a three-day writing retreat.

Well, “retreat” is kind of a misnomer. I’m turning on my out-of-office email replies, scheduling my days to a fare-thee-well, probably forgetting to eat, keeping the phone outside my office, only checking social media at the end of the day after I’ve hit benchmarks, and abdicating my responsibility to wear pants so I can concentrate.

Well, maybe I’ll be forced to wear pants. *sigh* But all the other stuff, yeah. Unless I go on a tour with a skipper, his hapless first mate, a movie star, a professor, and Mary Ann.

Come to think of it, if I run across any of them, I’ll probably just demand they find something caffeinated on that island before I go homicidal. It’s good to have a plan.

Catch you later, gators.

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Michael Mock
Michael Mock

You know, if I had caffeine and power for my laptop, that “trapped on a desert island” bit would sound pretty good right now.

Of course, if I still get caffeine and power for my laptop, a zombie apocalypse or the inevitable rise of Great Cthulhu would sound pretty good right now…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.


I’m sending you sincerest success with that agenda. What a lovely goal! After being forced to go to work today and put down Bannon and Clare’s latest Ripper Affair, I can only sigh in envy.

Here’s hoping Bannon uses her magic and Clare his logic to convince you to continue their wonderful partnership. This series is the benchmark for any other steampunk I chose!

Stay calm and write on,