A Skeleton


My room is full of white-painted furniture now.

My friends keep asking what the hell is wrong with me, but since my bedroom window faces east and the wall of cedars behind our yard, I wanted lighter stuff in there. And it really had been too long since I went to Ikea.

Anyway, much thanks to the Princess, who is my helper of choice when it comes to Ikea furniture. Left alone, I have at least one fit of absolute psychotic frustration, but with her in the room, I can’t afford to curse–well, not as much, or as furiously. Plus, she’s really good at building things. I just need to get her a power drill of her very own. (Every girl needs one.)

So I have a white Hemnes dresser, and my bedroom altar is now a Hemnes secretary. You can fit an amazing amount of stuff into both. I had been wanting to get rid of the old teak altar piece for a long time, and thankfully someone else wanted it–after, of course, it was drained and deconsecrated.

So now my room looks all…light. And fresh. Sooner or later I’m going to have to think about paint, too.


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You say the teak altar was drained, but you don’t say of what.

(If blood, my admiration for you will rise immeasurably.)