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Summer Tangle

Jungle The serial just took another unexpected turn. It’s fine, but now I have to finish the zero draft of it, then go back and weave in a hideous amount of other stuff. I knew it would happen, but it’s like climbing a mountain and reaching what you think is the top…then looking up, and up, and up at another climb more grueling than the one you just finished.

But it’s going to be awesome, so there’s that.

Summer has finally arrived in all her golden glory. I left the house in shorts (to walk Miss B) for the first time in years this morning. It’s amazing what getting older and having someone who thinks you’re pretty will do. The former reduces the load of caring what other people might think, and the latter is a welcome boost to self-confidence.

So, I’m lunging for the end of the zero draft of the serial today. I have ice water, the dogs have been walked, and my head is full of nanos, genetic restructuring, restraint tanks, cyborg assassins, and gunslinging.

Aw yeah. Summer, you da best.

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Skyla Dawn Cameron

I just started wearing capris about six years ago. Even as a teen, when I was skinny, I was so convinced I was this hideous monster I refused to wear a bathing suit or shorts and I just stood around in jeans all summer (which only added to the instances of heat stroke I suffered, I’m sure). My god, I wish someone had slapped me–it’s SO MUCH BETTER without jeans in the heat.

I LOVE having reached the age of I-Don’t-Give-a-Fuck.


life is short, wear what you want,

Bailey Hammond (@bookwolfbailey)

I’m currently celebrating summer with the most delicious chicken salad, while waiting on students to arrive for their writing appointments (with me, of course). I wish I could be outside, lord knows I need to adjust the color of pale that I currently sport skin-wise. I wish a student would bring a paper half as exciting as your serial sounds. A cyborg assassin and some gunslinging sure would make my day more interesting.


I love it when you describe your writing, and the curve balls it throws you.ou.