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Mantra I started using the Headspace app over two weeks ago. So far it’s good–there’s an issue with it not clocking my “run streaks” effectively, but considering that I’m not doing this for app achievements it’s probably okay.

I began seriously pursuing meditation during my treatment for anxiety, and never fell fully out of the habit. Nowadays, I continue because it makes for interesting brain changes, and one of the things I fear most is losing my mental acuity. (Frankly, my brain’s all I’ve got going for me, so I want it kept in shape.) I like that the Headspace stuff is open-ended, and the guide (Andy Puddicombe) has a very soothing voice and a gentle way of not commanding you to do things.

I work well with invitation, but not so well with commanding.

Anyway, I have a subscription; even if you don’t want to purchase one the first ten guided meditations are free and I highly recommend them. I am slightly less happy about Headspace’s tweeting in support of Westin Hotels, but I guess even meditators gotta get paid, right? And every subscription also provides a comparable free subscription to someone who might not be able to afford it, so that appears to balance it out.

In other news, there’s a short story that needs copyedits eyeballed, revisions on the first Gallow book, incoming proof pages for a YA, and I am experimenting with a Smitten Kitchen recipe for black beans today. First, though, I’d better get my meditate on. I do have a post idea about the philosophy of not putting up with toxic people, but that will have to wait.

In the meantime, deep breath, and let’s rock this Wednesday.

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Vincent Morrison
Vincent Morrison

I must try this.


I was never thrilled with my home made black beans until I bought a jar of Mexican Oregano. Makes all the difference.