Mad Scramble

piano My brain aches. The last few days have been a mad scramble, between starting the music theory course, having houseguests, finishing revisions, and generally catching up and cramming about six weeks’ worth of work into less than a weekend. All of which adds up to me staring blankly at the computer screen, trying to remember what the hell I was thinking about a few moments ago.

Those episodes seem to grow in number and intensity the older I get. Here’s hoping meditation and piano playing will stem the tide. Really, my brain is all I have going for me, I should take good care of it.

The complete Fireside serial is in first draft form, and it’s resting with the editor now. Finishing the zero and going back so soon to revise might have overstrained a few neurons, though I’m told only the weak ones die. (Perhaps that’s why I’m having such trouble finding my bloody car keys.) Also, today has been taken up with Storium work, blurbage, a proposal for a new romantic suspense series–well, since I’m not writing YA I have some time on my docket, and I like writing suspense. (I like getting paid, too. Fancy that.) Plus, I have to look at the revisions for the first Gallow book and go through them with an eye toward the second, which is bubbling away in the back of my active little brain.

Not until tomorrow, though.

I’ll be back later this week to tell you all about the time Odd Trundles ate a bamboo toilet seat. It’s been juuuuuuust long enough now that I can laugh, thinking about it. (That is, laugh nervously and change the subject.) Also, the Ripper Affair is due out soon! I should dig out my microphone and maybe read you lot the first chapter, if you’d enjoy that? I have ideas of reading first chapters, just as a service to my Beloved Readers.

But again, not today. Miles to go before I sleep, again. Stay cool out there, chickadees. And let’s hope the manuscripts I have out on offer see some movement soon…

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I would <3 you even more if you read a chapter of anything for us!

Cynthia Porter

Two copies of The Ripper Affair are on order here–one for me and one for a friend. I cannot wait!!!

aspiritsongary V. Smith

What is storium? How does one join? How does one “play”?


Lovely, lovely!