Too Close To See

Road Revisions on the first Gallow book are back with the editor. It will probably need another pass, since I’m too close to the book to see it clearly. This is part of the reason editors are critical to quality control–no matter how good a writer you are, you’re still too close to the bloody book to see the holes and pitfalls properly.

Of course, there are revenge edits, where an editor savages your work to get back at you for a personal slight or something. Thankfully, those are far more rare than you’d think. In all my time writing I’ve only been revenge edited once or twice, and though it hurt, it was clear that it was egregious and I needed to pull on my big-gurl panties and JUST DEAL. When you consider the sheer number of editors I’ve worked with, this is fricking amazing. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, the editor’s right, and that hundredth time they’re probably right too, but I dig in my heels anyway. Revenge edits are incredibly rare, and it shouldn’t be the first thing you suspect when an edit makes you angry.

Which they inevitably will. It’s a natural law or something. Writing is an incredibly personal art, and having someone else edit it naturally feels like a judgment on you, when it’s not. Just one of many things about this career that will smash at one’s self-esteem.

The ankle is still tender, and I can’t run yet. Which is driving both Miss B and me to new heights of itchy irritation. Walking just doesn’t cut it anymore. Once more I have to go back to the beginning and steadily work up to 5K, not putting a huge amount of stress on the ankle until it’s fully recovered. As a lesson in patience, it’s good for me…but not terribly soothing.

Well. Back to the salt mines. A short story to revise, and some editing to do…

*wanders off muttering*

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An author for whom I beta once had a “strictly by the book” editor, the book being the Chicago Manual of Style. Drove her crazy.