Theory and Teeth

| violin | My piano teacher is moving, so I’ll be falling back upon my own stubbornness and a few exercise books to continue. I signed up for a music theory course, too–I want to know why. My perennial plaint, I suppose. I feel fortunate to be Living In The Future, where I can Google up answers to weird musical questions all day.

The Princess had her wisdom teeth taken out on Monday. The dentist said he’d never seen a finer set–white and straight, lovely picture-perfect roots, nothing wrapped around the nerves or fused into the jaw. They were crowding the rest of her teeth, though, and that would only get worse. So out they came. By far the most intense part of the whole procedure was the numbing. It was fascinating to see it happen; since I’m not likely to faint or interrupt, I stayed in the room with her the whole time. I recited Where the Wild Things Are from memory while we were waiting for the nitrous oxide to take effect. I was ready to recite all sorts of other stuff, but she was fine after Max got home and his supper was still hot.

Her recovery has been extremely smooth. Very little pain, and she’s already nibbling at solid food. I’m actually surprised she hasn’t had more need of painkillers, but she insists she’s not feeling anything other than slight discomfort. She slept most of Monday and Tuesday, and the ravelled sleave of care seems to be quite done up.

We’re having guests for dinner tonight, so I’m trying this Dijon and cognac beef stew. It will either be awesome…or I’ll be ordering pizza once it goes horridly wrong. Either way, a win.

And now, a little more work on the serial before the rest of the day starts. Over and out.

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You’re magic as mums go, you know? I am glad she is bouncing back so well. Must be your tough-as-nails genes. Getting mine out what just about the opposite of her experience.


My bassoon teacher, whom I acquired after playing the bassoon for 30 years (he had lots to correct), also moved away on me. The best thing for me was to continue playing in small ensembles and trying to remember what he told me. I don’t know if that works for pianists, though.