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The Blue Man

Blue Man

This is the Blue Man. My friend Kev painted him a while back; I’ve always loved this piece. He sent it to me a little while ago, and I found the perfect place to hang it.

Kev and I met over a decade ago, I think. (Time blurs.) We were both in difficult situations. For a while, we’d go to the Seattle Art Museum every Thursday. We didn’t speak much about anything other than the paintings, but it was enough. There was a Kuan Yin on the third or fourth floor we used to talk to.

You never know how much your silent presence may comfort another. Being present is a gift you can give, and he gave it freely.

Thanks, Kev. *hugs*

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  1. Words fail me, I just love the dreamy quality of this painting, the quiet companionship it depicts.

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