Soundtrack Monday: NIGHT SHIFT

Nght_shift_23 You guys have been so patient. Almost, dare I say it, Perry-patient. (You can’t see it, but I’m wearing an evil grin.) And before I get started, if you’ve written to me about Glocks and hammers, go here.

Night Shift was actually the second Kismet book I wrote–the first was Hunter’s Prayer, so NS was more of a prequel than anything. My editor wanted to know how Jill and Saul met, and I spent about ten minutes telling her about the Cenci case, and she finally sighed and said, “Look, Lili? Just write me that book.”

So I did.

Readers may find it interesting to note where Cenci’s name came from. Also, I had a series of Harp and Dom books in my head, but they never quite jelled. Harp never blamed Jill for Saul’s choice, she’s not like that…but Jill never knew. And that’s all I can say about that.


Santa Luz, The Bad Old Lady The Road To Hell, Chris Rea
Out Of A Snowbank/Jill Kismet Trouble, Elvis Presley
Jill & Perry/Someday I’ll Kill You Angry Johnny, Poe
Billy Ironside Numbness For Sound, Howie Day
The City’s Pulse Ebla, E.S. Posthumus
Harp & Dom/We Have A Rogue Were Korben Dallas, Eric Serra
Burning Hellbreed Holes L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever) Kasabian
Cenci Fire Falling From The Sky, Paul Haslinger
My Teacher’s Dead Nothing At All, Rob Dougan
Personal Space Protection, Massive Attack
Navoshtay Niv Arkady Disease, Sister Machine Gun
What Saved Me Into the Ocean, Blue October
The Pyre The Kiss, Randy Edelman
Not The Only Man Who Gave A Damn Roll to Me, Del Amitri
I’m Here Now Come on Home, Indigo Girls

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Oh, good, I’m reading Hunter’s Prayer now, after Night Shift, so I’m glad I read them in the right order (at least in terms of the time line. Haven’t noticed any time-line bobbles yet – probably won’t, I’m more a “proofreading error” catcher than a time-line or continuity-error catcher. I really enjoyed Night Shift, and am enjoying Hunter’s Prayer, even though it’s not a *perfect* fit for my reading preferences. The gory bits are a bit too detailed for me, but the characters and plotting more than makes up for it, for me. So I went and bought the rest… Read more »


Yes! Another one. 🙂