Soundtrack Monday: HUNTER’S PRAYER

hunters prayer This was the Kismet book I wrote first. Much like Dante Valentine came from a whisper in my ear (“My working relationship with Lucifer began on a rainy Monday…”), Jill Kismet did too. In Jill’s case, it was her walking into the Monde Nuit. “It’s not the type of work you can put on a business card.

I was very tired, by that point, of urban fantasy/paranormal books where the protagonist had an adversarial relationship with the police. I thought, well, if there were paranormal predators, the cops and first responders would know–and they’d be glad of the backup. This led me to think about the paperwork Montaigne is always moaning about, and (more to the point) what kind of person would find this sort of law enforcement to be a viable career.

And then Jill started telling me her story, in a level, quiet tone. She doesn’t believe in raising her voice much.

There were so many things in Hunter’s Prayer she insisted be left in that I didn’t know would come full circle later in the series. She always knew where we were heading, I just had to transcribe. Funny how that happens.

Anyway, here’s the soundtrack. Enjoy!

Santa Luz Surface Of The Moon, Del Amitri
The Monde/Business Card Boom Swagger Boom, The Murder City Devils
Melisande Belisa Sugar Water, Cibo Matto
Saul Black is the Colour, Nina Simone (There is a Corrs version that I’d set a Jill/Saul love scene to as well.)
Lucado Street/Flesh Gallery Everybody Got Their Something, Nikka Costa
These Are The Rules Furious Angel, Rob Dougan
Perry/Eventually, Kiss Lullaby, The Cure
Our Very Own Kiss Follow You Home, Nickelback
Ricky’s Girl Hope/The One Who Bought Us Stopwatch Hearts, Delerium
The Dragon Staff Teahouse, Juno Reactor
The Sorrows/Evocation Transylvanian Concubine, Rasputina
I Am The Fucking Law In This Town Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix), Rob Dougan
Not Nice, But Good/Cleanse The Night Shape of My Heart, Sting

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Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman

So I sit here listening to the songs listed and can almost picture myself in the scene with the music on the radio in the background I can really get into the story (Insomnia helps a lot with continuously shifting perspective) and there is probably only a couple of tweaks I would make one being using the Sugar Babes version/cover of shape of your heart known by Shape and that’s mostly it this list is one I can highly relate too awesome novel too

Thanks Again


On some level, I think some of our characters must be real.


See, this is so cool. When I re-read the series I’m going to refer to these playlists to enhance the experience.
Got some things looming, events set in motion that, like a runaway train, most likely will not end well. I know that it will be bad but not exactly when and so am saving my 2nd reading to get me through what will likely be a difficult time.


you keep writing, I’ll keep getting the books and loving them.