Booty Monday

I cannot stop listening to this.

If that doesn’t go goddamn viral, I shall be VERY DISAPPOINTED.

And of course it couldn’t be a Booty Monday without this.

Let’s also get a little Fette’s Vette in there, too…

Shake that thing, because hips don’t lie. Seriously, people who don’t get blown away by Shakira don’t know how difficult it is to do some of the isolated hip moves…

Happy Monday! Remember, every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top…

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Melissa (My words and pages)
Melissa (My words and pages)

Love it. Love All About the Bass. I’ve never heard it but loved listening. Great song to get you moving and feel comfortable. 🙂

Oh I loved seeing Sir Mix-a-lot having a great time with the show there. Awesome job. Shakira is amazing. I wish I had that much control over my body. lol. (coordination isn’t a very good friend of mine)


Thanks for the heads up about Meghan! I agree–should be viral!