Book Haul


My recent book haul from Cover to Cover. They know what I like, and set stuff aside they think I might be interested in. Just one more reason local booksellers are incredibly awesome.

You can also just-see the copy of Allegiant they ordered for the Princess, and the Pokemon and science books they set aside for the Little Prince. The Princess finished Allegiant that same afternoon, and is still in shock. The ending is making her think very deeply about a lot of other stories.

Plus, she’s reading 1984 in school. The end of that one is gonna be a kicker for her as well, I can already tell…

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Longtime reader of your blog, first post in many years:
I should hunt up HERESY AND AUTHORITY for myself, I’ve been reading about the Jewish Christians and the eventual Gentile dominance.

Thus do my librarian roots show: If a copy of the three-volume HISTORY OF BYZANTIUM by JJ Norwich comes your way you should snap it up. Much in the Dante Valentine books made me think of it.