At One’s Peril

take us too Have reached the slog in the middle of the serial, where each day’s work feels like chipping tiny bits of dust away from a fossil. There are also copyedits for Kin to be Dealt With.

I should really do a post or two about retelling fairytales. Especially since Wayfarer is out now. The trilogy–the structure is a nod to Kieslowski’s Three Colors movies, too–is hands-down the most difficult series I’ve ever done. The emotional impact of those books for me is difficult to explain. Nameless was at once an act of protection for the vulnerable child I once was and a farewell. Whatever flaws the books have, they were tremendously healing for me to write–and tremendously difficult at the same time. One engages the deep engines of myth and Grimm at one’s peril. You never come out of a fairy tale really unscathed. Not if you’ve been paying attention.

Anyway, work calls. Onward to Track Changes and copyedits…

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Raven Blackburn
Raven Blackburn

A post about fairytale retellings would be extremely awesome as I am planning on writing one myself. It would be the second book I ever attempt (apart from book 1 and 2 in a series, of which I only completed book 1 and am editing right now and parts of book 2 which were yelling at me to get written and would’t leave me alone). I am also very sad each time I read about the things you suffered in your childhood and always have to fight the urge to wanting to hug you and tell you everything will be… Read more »