Storium And Other Stuff

Road Well. There’s news!

First, I’m now a Storium stretch goal! It’s a Kickstarter for an online storytelling game. The world I’d build for it centers on a Keymaster–someone who can open doors between here and elsewhere. The only trouble with opening a door is that things from the other side can come through, and those things might be what the Brothers Grimm kept warning everyone about. It promises to be a lot of fun.

Selene The Selene ebook is now available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble as well as directly. I’m also happy to report the paperback is coming in June–or before, if the proof copy I receive is up to snuff, and I have every reason to expect it will be. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Last but not least, The Ripper Affair–the last Bannon & Clare book–is now available for preorder at B&N, and also at Amazon! It’s very exciting.

Regular blogging will resume next week. In the meantime, enjoy the first few days of the merry month of May.

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Michael Mock
Michael Mock

I still want to find out what Mikal was. I have a guess, but I’m deeply curious.


Cool Lilith. You are a busy lady.