Starting With Snot

Sumatran tigress licking her nose Me: Do you ever get a ball of snot in your sinuses, only you can feel it’s not regular snot but the yellow or green sick kind of snot?
The Princess: You mean like one of your nostrils blocked?
Me: No, it’s back in the sinuses. Almost behind my eye.
The Princess: Nope, never had that. Also, eww, I’m trying to have breakfast.
Me: What does my snot have to do with your breakfast?
The Princess: Hopefully nothing.
Me: Are you sure?
The Princess: Not helping, Mum.

We went from that conversation to discussing feminism, context, Socratic seminars (her English teacher, Ms. Q, is very fond of those), and how an imperfect world that won’t be fixed in our lifetimes doesn’t mean we give up fighting for a better one.

Not bad for a morning that started with snot. Of course, yesterday after we all busted out into a South Park singalong, I noted that the Princess and Little Prince are probably warped for life as a result of my parenting style, and the Princess smartly rejoindered, “And proud of it!”

Christ, I hope that doesn’t change.

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You are clearly doing a lot right! And maybe a little warping of their fragile little mind is what is needed. We need to shake things up in the future generations if they are going to learn to question and dream and change things on this rock for the better. Keep up the good work!


you have great kids…