Soundtrack Monday: To Hell And Back

| violin | And Soundtrack Mondays are BACK! Today it’s the track list for [amazon chan=default&asin=0316001775&text=”To Hell And Back”].

I was exhausted physically and emotionally by the end of the Valentine series. It was an incredible ride, but I was so tightly locked into Danny’s POV that it took me some time to recover. Not to mention, my marriage was well and truly on the rocks but the divorce was a ship on the horizon, I was almost killing myself trying to save the relationship on my own. (Pro tip: that never works.)

Fun fact: this book was supposed to be titled The Devil In Love, after Jacques Cazotte, but I was overruled. This was one of the few times I’ve bowed to an editor’s insistence on something that really mattered to me, because said editor had cogent reasons and a track record of not pushing me unless it was hella important. Given the number of [amazon chan=default&asin=015603283X&text=”The Club Dumas”] and Ninth Gate references and Easter eggs all through the series, I felt really insistently that Devil in Love was the right title. To me, the book remains DIL, but the editor had the final say. Maybe she was right.

Dante Valentine Won’t Back Down, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers This was, is, and will always be the theme song Danny and I share–the one thing we agree on, as it were.
A’tai, hetairae A’nankimel’iin. Diriin. Virtue, Jesse Cook
My Word Is Broken The Road To Hell, Chris Rea
Not Anubis, But Sekhmet Fallen, Sarah McLachlan
You Betrayed Me First Here Is Gone, Goo Goo Dolls
There Is No Mirror It’s No Good, Depeche Mode
I Am Your Fallen Savin’ Me, Nickelback This one veers between Danny and Japh’s viewpoints. Guess which is which.
Konstans-Stamboul Gypsy Rhapsody, Bond
Sephrimel’s Agony, Japhrimel’s Strength Born Yesterday, Rob Dougan Japh’s frustration with Dante reaches epic proportions. One imagines Sephrimel and Inhana had similar issues.
The White-Walled City All That I Am, Rob Thomas
It Was Burned Away In Hell Special, Garbage
Or Learn To Leave Them Unsaid It Doesn’t Matter, Alison Krauss
Throw The Dice You Can’t Lose-A Me Cholly, Leadbelly
Paradisse Run For It, Delerium
The Vegas Waste Head Like A Hole, Nine Inch Nails
Not All The Hosts of Hell, Just One Living Dead Girl, Rob Zombie
A Promise I’ll Keep Nothing At All, Rob Dougan

And that about wraps that up. Yes, I didn’t put the Saint City Sinners soundtrack up. I don’t think I’m ready to yet. That book still makes me cry. Next up: the Kismet series!

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Michael Mock
Michael Mock

I have to admit, there were several points in the series where I really, really wanted to knock Dante’s and Japhrimel’s heads together for their failure to just, y’know, talk things out and coordinate their responses… but it never, ever seemed out of character for either of them. “Frustration… reaches epic proportions” indeed.


These are both fun and interesting. Music is a powerful catalyst.
Looking forward to your sharing about the Kismet series. Reading that series got me through some difficult times, and I know if will return to that series again and again.

Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman

I am very surprised to see Rob Dougans Furious Angels not appear here oh well tis interesting to hear the music scape of the series and am looking forward to the Kismet List I guess in the mean time I am gonna need to re read Dantes journeys see if this new music scape changes the story any for me this read round less rage induced “Firestarter” and a little more aching “My Immortal” I would imagine. Thanks Again