Soundtrack Monday: SELENE

Selene I realized I couldn’t go on to the Kismet books without doing Selene’s soundtrack. Silly me.

Going back to this list makes me realize just how obsessive Nikolai is. If, as my writing partner once remarked to me, demons destroy whatever they love, then Nichtvren inevitably lose what they obsess over. For a while after I finished Selene I wasn’t sure if she ever came back, despite Nikolai’s survival. Later I realized she does, but on her own terms.

Fun fact: Selene was actually finished before the Valentine series. There’s a lot Lena could tell Dante about the aftermath of the Republic of Gilead, should Dante ever ask…

Saint City/Selene Terra Firma, Delerium
Tantraiiken Queer, Garbage
Oh, Danny Bone In My Ear, Bruce Cockburn
Nikolai Polognora e Todora, The Bulgarian Women’s Choir (I listened to them over and over while writing him.)
My Brother Erase and Rewind, The Cardigans (This has always been Selene’s grief over Danny, to me.)
Paranormal Pets Cold Cold Heart, Norah Jones (Nikolai has a distressing fondness for country music. This rendition of a Hank Williams classic was a compromise between us.)
Marina Alone in Kyoto, Air (I’d love to write Marina and Nigel’s story one of these days. It’s a good one.)
I Could Be Like Grigori Possession, Sarah McLachlan
Grigori Vishnu, ES Posthumus
Play The Game My Way Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing, Chris Isaak
You Turned Me/No Comfort In Alone Deep, Nine Inch Nails
At the Docks Absurd, Fluke
Athame, Cards, Silver Sleep, Dandy Warhols (The softer side of Nikolai. Pity he had to almost-die to show it.)
The Passage, Freedom Don’t Leave Home, Dido
She’s Gone Out Of My Mind, Duran Duran

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Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman

This makes me want a Selene & Dante road trip maybe a mission of some kind involving one or the others secrets or maybe just a hilarious where’s waldo-esque style where in the world is Dante & Selene from the boys perspective just a thought.

also I was thinking for Saint City/Selene maybe Angel by Massive Attack could be a good alternative just for that desolation feeling


I bought Bill Efting’s Necromentic Overtures and enjoy it very much. If he does another album from your books I would be intersted in buying it.


I really love these soundtracks. Thanks for posting them! I had never heard of Rob Dougan before and now I can’t stop listening to him. 🙂