Latimer’s Law Launch!

Latimer's Law Tomorrow (Saturday, May 10, 2-2:30PM) I’ll be at Cover to Cover Books for a Latimer’s Law launch party! I’ll be running the espresso machine, so if you want coffee made by me and a good time, not to mention a fun celebration of my writing partner’s first trad-published book, come on by! Here’s the map. There will be snacks and a reading, and a whole lot of fun. Please visit if you can, and help make it a smash!

Cover to Cover orders and ships books for people, too, including signed or signed and personalised copies of all my backlist. With Amazon acting like an asshole again[1], it’s probably good to throw a little love at some indie bookstores. Just sayin’.

[1](And yes, I know I have Amazon links in this very post. It’s for Reader convenience and in the service of my writing partner’s numbers, and I’m conscious of the irony.)