Audiobook Auditions open!


I’m looking for someone to narrate Selene. I’m also open to male-female recording duos, etc. Glossary terms and pronunciation help available as well, if you’re into that sort of thing. The audition links and script are here.

Squirrel!Terror Sadly, my chosen narrator for SquirrelTerror ended up with medical problems, and was unable to finish the work. I’m reopening auditions for that book too. Comedic timing and the ability to sound reasonably cultured one moment and obscene the next highly recommended. The audition link and scripts can be found here.

I’m offering a royalty split because both books come with built-in audiences, and it seems to me that’s much fairer to the voice artist than a lump sum, albeit fairer in the long run. Hopefully a producer or two agrees.

And with that, I’m heading back into the writing cave. Over and out…

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I’m interested, how do I get your glossary/pronunciation help?

Eris O'Reilly
Eris O'Reilly

Are these auditions still open? I may have a go at both of them, although my voice isn’t so much husky as it is more bedroom-y.