Spring Break

What I actually look like while running.
What I actually look like while running.
Today’s workout was 3:3s. In other words, 3min fast, 3min steady, the latter still running, but at about 70% effort instead of 90-95%. It’s a form of interval training, I guess, and I loathe all things interval training. However, I’ve become very good at gauging my effort. My “fast” sessions were at 6-6.1min/km, and my “steady” sessions were at 7.1-7.2min/km. Which, given my weight, age, and recent health issues, is pretty goddamn spectacular. At least, I’m choosing to view it as such.

My eventual goal is to work back up to habitual five-mile runs six days a week. We’ll see if I get there. In the meantime, this is good enough.

I spent the weekend getting a proof out the door–all the ImaJinn books (the Watcher series, the Society series, and The Demon’s Librarian) are being re-released with new covers soon. I do get to go in and make minor changes, but I can’t fully re-edit them no matter how much I want to. I keep reminding myself that if one looks at something one wrote a decade ago and doesn’t flinch at the sucky craftsmanship, one isn’t growing as a writer.

It helps, but only a little.

Other than that, there’s some slight revisions on Agent Zero before it goes out to publishers, and I got the first Jeremy Gallow edit letter. I knew there were holes in the latter, and it helps to have my Orbit editor point them out. We’ve been working together for a long, long time (since Working For The Devil, my God) and the level of trust and comfort one gets with an editor that really understands how you work and trusts you in return is a marvelous thing.

I did manage to sleep in until 7am today, because the kids are on Spring Break. Not only that, but they’re of an age where they can get up and get their own breakfasts, and I don’t have to worry about them burning the house down while I’m on a run. This is one of the more awesome parts of parenting, rivaled only by the part where they could get into the car and buckle their own seatbelts AND the part where they could use the loo on their own.

The longer I live, the more I like getting older. I don’t have any gray in my hair yet, which is a shame. With my eyes, I think I could really rock the gray, and I’m impatient for it.

And now, back to the word mines…

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My “fast” sessions were at 6-6.1km/hr, and my “steady” sessions were at 7.1-7.2km/hr.

Why are your fast sessions slower than your steady sessions? Confused minds want to know.