Soundtrack Monday: Working For The Devil

piano I keep promising to do soundtrack posts for you guys, don’t I?

Music is a pretty integral part of my writing process. Books have soundtracks I listen to over and over again while writing. I usually burn them to CD and keep them in a collection just in case. (Computers have a habit of eating playlists. Om nom nom.)

So I figure on Mondays I’ll post a soundtrack, and I’ll shift the Pliny Train to Wednesdays. That will give me time to read further between posts, since getting that done on weekends doesn’t happen what with all the cleaning and the kids’ social events.

So, without further ado, let’s start with Dante Valentine! Here’s the very first iteration of the Working For The Devil playlist. (There were eventually four versions, but this is the one I listened to during the actual writing.) I’ll link to YouTube where I can, but other weird musical stuff may not be found there. Sorry about that.


1. Jaf Appears Goodnight, Moon Shivaree
2. Remembering Doreen/You Would Call Me Friend? Virtue, Jesse Cook
3. Dante and Death Witness, Sarah Maclachlan
4. You Will Not Leave Me To Wander Alone The Heart Asks Pleasure First, Michael Nyman
5. Santino/Nightmare Boudicea, Enya
6. Eddie Thornton Woo Hoo, The
7. Nuevo Rio Terra Firma, Delerium
8. Slicboard! Galaxy Bounce, The Chemical Brothers
9. Kiss For An Old Boyfriend, Danny? Summertime Killer, Luis Bacalov
10. Dante & Jace Duel Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood/Santa Esmerelda Suite, Santa Esmerelda & Leroy Gomez
11. You Can Be The New Madonna A Silhouette of Doom, Ennio Morricone
12. I Am Your Fallen Take This Life, Mandalay
13. Blood Is What I’m Tracking Tiburon Citrino, L.S.G.
14. Those Are For Santino Battle Without Honor or Humanity, Tomoyasu Hotei
15. Attack On Santino’s Lair, Dead Souls, NIN
16. Cinnamon Ash/Jaf’s Dead Ne Me Quittez Pas, Nina Simone
17. Return to Saint City Temple, Beverly Klass
18. Jace/I’m Staying I’ll Be Your Lover, Too, Van Morrison

Film aficionados will realize that Danny Valentine owes a great debt to the first Kill Bill movie as well as Alex Proyas’s Dark City and The Crow. Tarantino has a genius for soundtracks and dialogue, even if he’s sometimes very messy structurally.

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It’s so beautiful, I have no words. Thank you very much!

E.A. Knight
E.A. Knight

Oh wow. I’ve always wondered what was running behind the scenes as you wrote Working. Thanks for the glimpse of what helped fuel the stories along.


Oh wow. That’s really amazing. And completely explains why I hear Dead Souls in my head every time I read about the attack on Santino’s lair…seriously. Its kinda creepy…:)