Soundtrack Monday: Devil’s Right Hand

Windows “But wait,” I hear you say. “What about Dead Man Rising?”

DMR is one of the few books I didn’t do much of a soundtrack for. The entire book was so painful, from plumbing the depths of Rigger Hall to Jace’s misguided heroism, Eddie’s bravery and Polyamour’s too, and Keller’s final sacrifice, that I just didn’t want to. It remains one of the most emotionally difficult books I’ve written to date, partly because of everything that happened inside it, partly because of everything happening in my life while I wrote it, and partly because of my fears that I wouldn’t be able to do Danny’s story justice. Dante’s aching grief through most of the book has a counterpart in my own life, my homage to a memory.

The Valentine series isn’t really a quintet, it’s more of a duology followed by a trilogy. Devil’s Right Hand was when we found out that the game had been deeper all the time, and Japhrimel really started to show the fact that he was not and never would be human, for all that he loves Dante and will protect her–even, in some cases, from herself. Her stubborn, very human tenacity, while it allows her to love such a creature fiercely and with absolute devotion, is also one of the things that drives him to horrible lengths trying to keep her safe. Right Hand was where I started figuring out just how alien Japh is, and how he didn’t (and never will) think the way a human man does.

I suspect this is a lesson Dante won’t ever learn, and part of the attraction she holds for him.

Anyway, onto the music!

1. In Novo Taliano (A Gift For My Hedaira) Lovers in Dangerous Time, Barenaked Ladies (cover of a Bruce Cockburn song)
2. Dante and Anubis Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel
3. The Prince Has Called This Is Hell, Elvis Costello
4. Abandoned, Again Flowers Become Screens, Delerium
5. Freetown New Prague Go It Alone, Beck
6. I’m Your Man (Lucas Villalobos) Katana Groove, Tomoyasu Hotei (If you listen very hard, you can hear Lucas laughing at the end of the track.)
7. Vann & McKinley Attitude, Hardknox
8. Velokel To The Shock of Miss Louise, Thomas Newman
9. Dante & Japh Sparring (Angry Enough) The Echo Game, Shigero Umebayashi
10. Dante vs. Lucifer Living Dead Girl, Rob Zombie (In the very beginning you can hear Eve. “What are you thinking about?”)
11. Eve Silicone, Mono
12. The Devil’s Right Hand The Hand that Feeds, NIN
13. Dante vs the World Cost of Freedom, Experiment (One of the scenes that didn’t make it into later books was Danny almost killing both Vann & McKinley in a factory.)
14. Eve and Lucifer Life In Mono, Mono
15. Lucifer’s Game I Alone, Live
16. Do Not Doubt Me, Dante Silence, Delerium

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“One of the scenes that didn’t make it into later books was Danny almost killing both Vann & McKinley in a factory.”
WOW! I like, really, I wish i could see it) Thank you!