Heat Wave End of April, and the weather forecasters are telling us eighty degrees. (That’s between twenty-six and twenty-nine for you Celsius folks.) Beltane is going to be like August, for God’s sake, and right after that we go back to mid-sixties, as is normal and reasonable this time of year. GO HOME, WEATHER, YOU’RE DRUNK.

The Fireside serial continues apace. I have Chs 1-3 in to the editor and we should have finals on those in a couple weeks. It premieres in August, but before then, you still have time to get in on Chuck Wendig’s Forever Endeavor. I highly recommend you do. In any case, I have the cyborg in a desert town, about to fight off others of her kind. It’s a showdown, and you can see the tumbleweeds. Something tells me I’ll be listening to a lot of Ennio Morricone for the remainder of that particular story.

Other than that, Rattlesnake Wind is doing well, but May 1 is the drop-dead date for me to start revisions on the first Jeremy Gallow book. True to form, the editor wants more–more details, more backstory, more of everything. I tend to produce very lean and light first drafts, because the story is so clear and vivid inside my head. I often forget the reader doesn’t have a window into my brain. Which is just one of the many valuable services an editor provides, like telling me when I’m being ridonkulous and threatening me when I kill off characters. Heh.

So the order of the day is: editing work, as much of Rattlesnake Wind as I can write, and maybe weeding. Because getting out and getting my hands in the dirt is a Good Thing.

Over and out.

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I don’t mind characters dying, but I have read some books where the author builds the character almost to the end and then kills them off after everyone gets to love them. Ratbastard authors. I hope you don’t do that Lilith. Meanwhile, I hope the writing goes well.