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Dear Superheroes:

Sexual harassment isn’t an occupational hazard. It’s not a glitch in the complex matrix of modern life. It’s not something that just “happens.” It’s something men do. It’s a choice men make. It’s a problem men enable. It’s sometimes a crime men commit. And it is not in the power nor the responsibility of women to wage war on this crime.

It’s on us.

How do we fight this war? We stop enabling. We check ourselves and, when necessary, wreck ourselves. Do you know a guy who’s hate-following women on Twitter just to troll them? You check him. Do you know a guy who’s writing disgusting screeds to women journalists because they don’t like the same things he likes? You check him. Do you know a professional whose discourse with women in his field is loaded with gender-specific language and condescension that could enable further abuse? You check him. Are your Twitter followers identifying you as a sympathetic ear for their sexist views? You check yourself. Is your website’s message board a cesspool of ignorance and hate? You check it like you actually give a damn. Do you know a guy who’s sending rape threats to women for any reason? Oh, you report that guy.

Let me make it plain:

A woman objecting to the content of a comic book — even if you think she’s dead wrong — does not rise to the occasion of vicious name calling and rape threats. —Fake Geek Guys: A Message to Men About Sexual Harassment

Thank you.

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some people just don’t get it ..its not a compliment, its just wrong.

Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman

I am sorry but I find that I can not stand by without interjecting on this occasion while I don’t find anything wrong in your declaration gender equality and ending sexual harassment is not a female only goal and any bias towards one or the other hurts the efforts of both in the long run belittle me if you feel you must this is where I Stand and draw my line in the sand