Window Day!

Windows This week has turned into a mad scramble, with yesterday being the “dear God can the world just stop whirling?” day. Not only was there forgetting of school items in the morning, but I also had to visit my accountant’s office (seriously, they’re awesome) and take a certain someone for a birthday lunch, but there was also the C2C poetry open mic to help with and window treatments to take down and furniture to move in the basement.

This morning there’s furniture to move in the upstairs, because (can you feel the excitement? I CAN!) IT’S NEW WINDOW TIME. The Chez has the original aluminum windowframes–remember when the polar vortex visited here and I was moaning about how there was ICE INSIDE MY HOUSE? (Maybe you don’t. Rest assured the moaning was almost constant.) I decided I’d look into financing for windows because OMG, forty-year-old ones just are NOT cutting it.

So, clearing stuff away from the windows and taking down curtain rods and stuff is the order of the day.

Yesterday evening I was so tired I couldn’t even do basic math at the open mic. (Sorry, nice lady with credit slip. I’m not stupid, I swear, it’s just that the maths, they are complex for my braaaaane, which is wired for Other Things.) It took me concentrated effort to run the register, which hasn’t happened in a dog’s age.

Speaking of dogs, they know something’s happening. Keeping them corralled with a bunch of window guys in the house is going to be fun.

Further bulletins as events warrant…

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Colleen Champagne
Colleen Champagne

Ah, new windows. I just moved into a new place and the wind is rushing in through the bottom of a few of my living room windows. Windows were not budgeted for so now need to do some rearranging of monies. Heat and air are all electric and very expensive here. I have window envy!