SELENE Ebook Release!

Selene Yes, you read that right–Selene is now available in ebook form!

Life isn’t easy for a sexwitch. Even your own body betrays you. It’s bad enough that Selene is part slave to Nikolai, the Prime Power of Saint City, but she’s got her brother Danny and she’s got her job at the college. In the postwar wreckage of an uncertain world, it’s pretty much all she’s ever allowed herself to want.

Then Danny ends up murdered, and Selene finds herself a pawn in a dangerous game. Indentured to a bloodsucking Nichtvren and helpless, told to stop trying to uncover the identity of her brother’s killer, Selene has nowhere to turn. If she’s a good girl, Nikolai will leave her a little bit of freedom. He’ll take care of her, and she’ll be safe–if she obeys.

But Selene hasn’t survived this long by being obedient to her cursed powers, or to the men who buy her time. Her brother was all she had, and now she’s ready to borrow, beg, lie, steal or kill–whatever it takes to avenge him.

And if Nikolai gets in the way, Selene will use every tool in her arsenal to make him regret it…

This ebook edition includes the prequel novella Brother’s Keeper AND the short story Just Ask, which deals with Selene’s return to Saint City. It’s offered for an introductory price now, and later will go on Smashwords for preorder/distribution for a wee bit more. So get it now while it’s discounted!

For those asking, yes, there will be a paper copy eventually, if the ebook does well.

Thanks are due to Skyla Dawn Cameron and Brian White for helping me put the whole thing together–and, last but not least, to you, my dear Reader, for refusing to let the Nichtvren die. Thank you so, so much.

ETA 22/03/2014: After some issues with the shop, we’ve switched to a different cart system. If you’ve already bought the book and didn’t get access, please let us know. If you haven’t purchased yet, head here to do soDrop our technical support a line if there’s a problem, and we’ll be happy to help!

Thank you for your patience while we iron out the kinks!

  • Colleen


  • Thank you! It’s been a long, long road.

  • Pat Reilley

    Bought it! Thanks!!

  • Mel

    Sold! I read the serial when you first released it (and I’m looking forward to re-reading it, since I missed most of the re-run of the serial), but I haven’t seen the prequel or the short story.

  • Jess

    Yay! I now have a lovely new book to read this weekend. Thank you!!

  • Shalee Albrecht

    When I tried to purchase the book I had to register, I try to log in to buy the book and it keep’s asking me for a user name that wasn’t part of the registration process so I can’t log in to buy the book, will it be going to amazon kindle format soon. I really want to buy the book but can’t since I can’t log in.

  • Hi Shalee,

    I looked, and the username was your email address. I deleted that and made you a new account, and you should get an email with the password–please change the password immediately, and then you should have no problems. If you still have trouble signing in, let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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  • Dale Stroble

    I don’t do paypal. Is there an alternate method of payment available?

  • PayPal can take your credit or debit card without you having to register an account. Other than that, I’m sorry, but I don’t have any other options.

  • Kirsten Aurbo

    Hello, I bought your book and am excited to read it. I did read it years ago when you first put it out as a serial connected to your blog. I got a receipt from paypal, but no link for the book. Help!

  • I went back and looked. There seems to be an overlap with the forum participant role–the end result is, I went in and manually fixed it, and you have your download link now as well as access to every other format.

  • tealtaylor

    Just curous, how long is Just Ask? I want to know if its long enough for a flight I’ll be on soon.

  • Kirsten Aurbo

    Yay! Thank-you!

  • The book, together with prequel and sequel, is around 100K words. Just Ask is a short story, so it’s around, I think, 7K words.

  • Dustin Carpenter

    Hello, I purchased the ebook and when I downloaded it to my phone and nook I can not read it. it just says can not open. Is there anything that I can do? Thank You.
    Dustin Carpenter

  • Hi Dustin, I just sent you an email. Let’s see if that works!

  • Dustin Carpenter

    Thank You Lili, the link in the email worked. Now I just have to read Dante and then Selene.

  • Thanks, Dustin! I hope you enjoy them, and look forward to hearing what you think.