ECommerce, You Say?

This is what payment gateways turn you into...
This is what payment gateways turn you into…
So, the Selene ebook is out now! Hooray and confetti!

Except the surge of demand broke our shopping cart, which had been thoroughly tested and performed just fine, leaving us scrambling for a bit here. We have a more robust cart now, but if your download link for Selene isn’t working, just drop us a line and we will either re-generate your download link or get the book to you another way. Going forward there should be few if any problems (please, dear Universe, don’t take that as a challenge, mmmkay?) and the new cart solution works so well I’ve decided to let it handle my editing waitlist as well.

Thank you all for your patience, and please, if you have any problems at all, just let us know.

The ebook won’t go on sale through other distribution channels until May 1, and after that, we’ll work on getting a paper edition out. I won’t be selling the paper ones through the website–my God, even the thought gives me hives–but there are some very nice capabilities to the current cart/commerce setup that have me thinking “writer’s workshop.” Not sure if anyone’s even interested in that, but we’ll see, down the road. Once I’ve recovered from this particular product rollout. If not for Skyla, I’d be a quivering mess right about now.

Well, even more of a quivering mess…

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Skyla Dawn Cameron
Skyla Dawn Cameron

The scariest part of it all is that SOMEHOW I AM TECH SUPPORT.

Dear god, we’ve entered bizarro world…