Cyberpunk Western Serial, Anyone?

Reading on Collins Street Want to know a little bit more about the cyberpunk Western serial I’ll be writing if the Fireside Year 3 Kickstarter succeeds? Sure you do! Check out this Q & A (I never know what to say in these things), and if you’re interested and can spare some change, please do.

The serial will be an extension of my short story Maternal Type, which is currently being offered for free during the Kickstarter too.

Being asked “tell me something about your life that doesn’t involve writing” usually causes me to vapour-lock, because, well, writing affects and is part of every single facet of my life. I can’t separate out an aspect of myself that isn’t intimately involved or affected by writing. So I’m never sure what to say in these situations. Mostly I just stare blankly and do a “guh?” sound.

In other news, Selene is with a proofer, and when that finishes, it will be a matter of days before the ebook is up. I’m incredibly excited, and can’t wait. I’m fidgeting even thinking about it…

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Will there be a print version of Selene? Or just an ebook version?

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