Another Layer

0239 The Pliny Train is still chugging along, folks, but we won’t have another landmark until next week. I’d love to say it’s for a good reason, but the plain truth is this past weekend just about kicked my ass. Between playing catch-up from the window installation (more about that in another post) and getting the Little Prince to do his damn homework, I was dead on my feet. I did manage to get Agent Zero revised into a reasonable first draft this morning, and it’s out the door to the agent so I can focus on Rattlesnake Wind and the second Gallow book now.

The Selene ebook rollout had a couple kinks in the hose, but they seem to have been resolved now. I am endlessly grateful to have Skyla as a Most Beloved Minion (aka: Terrifyingly Competent Assistant). Did I mention she does book covers and also has editing services? Go, look, I cannot recommend her enough.

The weather is having a rather violent fit today, veering between bright blue-sky sunshine and dark rumbling clouds, and the changes are giving me the mother of all headaches. It’s not a migraine yet, but I am being vary careful just in case. Running errands this morning when I would rather have been writing also rubbed me down to bare nerves, I’m in the stage of fretting over Rattlesnake Wind. A nap would probably do me a world of good, but it’s not in the cards. The next best thing: diving back into Dez’s painful, beautiful world, hearing the wind and the snakes in the grass, and peeling back another layer of the story.

Over and out.