Question Me

New ways to get naked So, in order to kickoff the new fan forum the right way, from now until Sunday, February 23, I’ll be answering questions there. If you have a burning question (that is not “will there be another Strange Angels book” or “who does Dru ‘end up’ with” or “is there another Steelflower”) now is your best chance of getting it answered! Just pop over to the forum and make an account, and have fun.

This forum is actually a WordPress-integrated plugin, so it’s way less likely to get hacked than the old ones. Which is flat-out great, since the hacking I lost a good chunk of my from-2006 blogging (including SquirrelTerror) from was through the forum software setup and this effectively closes that loophole.

So, come on over, sign on up, and ask me some questions.I’m looking forward to hearing from my Readers.

ETA: The spam plugin we’re having to use in the face of a deluge of Bad Behaviour is a little aggressive. If you can’t register, let me or Skyla know, either here in the comments or through email, OR with the request link you can click on, on the denial page.

  • Is it wrong that my first reaction to the title of this entry was, “What is your name? What is your quest? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”

  • An African or European swallow?

  • zd

    Forum is closed to new topics and replies?

  • The big initial forum is, however, the Meet & Greet, Technical issues, and Books forums are not.

  • Also, you do need to register as a forum user in order to post topics.

  • tealtaylor

    hmm. I registered, logged in and still got “The forum ‘Meet & Greet’ is closed to new topics and replies” when I tried to post.

  • How very odd. Let me confer with Tech Support and see what may be happening.

  • I believe I have found the problem–one small checkbox throwing the whole damn thing off. Would you mind trying again and letting me know if it works?

  • I don’t know -AARRRRHHHHHH!!!

  • tealtaylor

    When I tried to log back in it said “access denied” and that I should ask nicely to be put on the white list.

  • Strange! And weird! BUT. You are on the whitelist now. All trouble should be cleared up.

    Thanks for trying again, and letting me know so I can close holes in the process.

  • Michael Mock

    I made it. The email that was supposed to tell me my new password got caught in my spam filter, but other than that it seems to have worked as expected. It let me post a topic in Meet & Greet, so that part worked for me, too.

  • Glad you got through! And welcome. Thanks for testing. It helps a lot.