One Forward, A Hundred Back

Christmas - Christmas Broke 20K on the fourth Bannon & Clare book recently. Then I had to get rid of about 3K, because things were going the wrong direction. One step forward, a hundred steps back, that’s what it feels like. But now I think I have the right track, and the past couple days have been pretty productive. Probably because of the parental controls.*snork*

The no-shampoo experimental stage is over. I’ve found that I do occasionally want to use a shampoo with sulfates, just to keep everything balanced. The honey shampoo (super simple, 1Tb of honey, 2-3Tb water, that’s it) works really well, but it also makes things greasy with constant use. So I alternate between honey shampoo and the baking soda/vinegar method, with occasional Lush Godiva washes when things start to feel super-icky. Not surprisingly, going straight no-shampoo is not for me at this point. Eventually, maybe, but the process is long and drawn-out and involves the scalp slowly changing the way it produces oils and reacts to washing. All in all, it’s another small step into hippie granola for me, YMMV, all usual disclaimers apply.

Let’s see, what other news is there? We’ve gotten things ironed out over on the Madhouse forum–much like no plan survives contact with the enemy, no forum ever has a smooth rollout. Thanks to everyone who let me know where the problems were, and a huge thank you to Skyla for getting things all pulled together. Again, I’ll be answering questions at the forum until Sunday, so if you want to ask, come on by!

The ebook of Selene is almost, almost ready. Talk Wordy is doing some proofing, and as usual, Skyla is taking care of formatting and other things. I recommend both of them, especially if you’re looking to self-publish without looking like an advert for bad self-publishing.

Speaking of publishing, I am also running a discount on my editing services this February.

Last but not least…about yesterday’s post. Thank you for all your kind comments. I can’t say more, mostly because it was nerve-wracking to put that out there and I’m a bit emotionally exhausted from it. Thank you.

And now, it’s time to get back to work.