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New ways to get naked The fan forum is now up! Some wiggles will still need to be ironed out, no doubt, but you can come on over and play. All usual site rules apply. You will need to make a subscriber account, which should be fairly easy.

In the past, forums and wikis have been the way the site gets hacked. bbPress seems to be a solution to that. There are a couple of wiki plugins, but I’m not sure about those, even though it would be really nice to have a fan-run wiki. Ah well.

My desktop display crashed yesterday, so I lugged the whole thing into the Apple store downtown. As soon as it booted up (I was half afraid it would be fine at the store and crash again at home) the tech said “…oh, wow.” The good news: a hardware failure that’s under warranty, and easily fixed. The bad news: they didn’t have the part, so they’d have to order it. Which could have meant a week without my desktop, but fortunately I have Time Machine on an external drive as a backup, and I hauled my old desktop up from the downstairs library, did an OSX reinstall, and had it migrating my data before I went to bed. So, barring this desktop crashing as well, I’m only out a single day of work time. Moral: do hourly backups, it will save your skin at some point.

Now I just have to wait for my mail to download. If you’re waiting for a reply (my poor editors) just know that I will as soon as I can.

It’s below freezing here, the wind is up, and they’re saying snow. I’m weighing taking Miss B on my morning run–I don’t want her poor wee nose frostbit or anything. There’s a tonne of work to catch up on, and breakfast to choke down while I do so.

Over and out.

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Eugh, I hate it when my computer crashes. I had a computer with a ton of pictures and it crashed and I lost everything. Everything. D:
And as for weather…. they cancelled school today because of the possibility of snow and ice… Which didn’t happen. But no one really minds. Down South here we’re wimps when it comes to cold, completely and totally. However, we got it covered when it comes to heat. 108 with 80% humidity, anyone?