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Editing and WAYFARER

Web of steel So. There’s news.

I’m now offering ebooks through my site, and have integrated my editing waitlist and packages as well. The transition has been pretty painless, thanks in no small part to Skyla Dawn Cameron, who is quickly becoming my go-to minion for everything from tarp-and-shovel to website maintenance. She has big dreams for a fan forum here at Ragged Feathers, so look out for that! If you have an ebook that needs formatting, a decent cover for your book, or help navigating self-pubbing with Lightning Source, etc., she’s patient, thorough, reasonably priced, and very communicative with her clients. I can’t recommend her enough.


Also, Wayfarer is coming out in March!

The Charmer’s Ball. Midnight. And one glass slipper…

Newly orphaned, increasingly isolated from her friends, and terrified of her violent stepmother, Ellen Sinder still believes she’ll be okay. She has a plan for surviving and getting through high school, which includes keeping her head down and saving any credits she can earn or steal. But when a train arrives from over the Waste beyond New Haven, carrying a golden boy and a new stepsister, all of Ellie’s plans begin to unravel, one by one.

Just when all hope is lost, Ellie meets an odd old woman with a warm hearth and a heavenly garden. Auntie’s kindness is intoxicating, and Ellie finally has a home again. Yet when the clock strikes twelve on the night of the annual Charmer’s Ball, Ellie realizes that no charm is strong enough to make her past disappear…

In a city where Twisted minotaurs and shifty fey live alongside diplomats and charmers, a teenage girl can disappear through the cracks into safety–or into something much more dangerous. So what happens when the only safety you can find wants to consume you as well?

Now available for preorder at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and independent bookstores.

I don’t often say this, but…there’s a lot riding on this book, including whether or not I’ll continue writing YA. So, if you’ve been meaning to try out some of my YA, now would be a most excellent time to do so. Preorders count in publishing, folks. It’s almost ridiculous how much they count.

There are a couple other things boiling, including a Selene ebook, but these are the only ones I can talk about. Speaking of Selene, it will be taken down around the 15th of February, so if you haven’t finished the serial and would like to, click on over and get it while you can! The ebook will contain not only the Brother’s Keeper prequel, but also Just Ask, the short story about how and why Selene returns to Saint City…and Nikolai.

First, though, there’s a bit of work to be done, so I’m submerging again. See you around…

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  1. Yay, i’m exited for both to come out. I really enjoy you Y.A, especially your Strange Angels series. Not sure if you’ve commented on this already but is there a chance of more books in that world? It seems like it would be great to continue with an “adult” series, possibly 10 or 20 years in the future? It always felt to me like it would have been an “adult” series to begin with.

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