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Changing Midstream

ripper So…things have now been decided. The Ripper Affair will be the last Bannon & Clare book. Which is fine; my plans were for Bannon & Clare to go traveling, and I’ve been working on the “B&C in Hong Kong” book for a couple months now, but that can go in a drawer. Unfortunately, the numbers on The Red Plague Affair were just not enough to justify the traveling books–which included the “B&C go to America and meet Jack and Cat from Damnation” and the “B&C in the Indus, or, what the hell IS Mikal, anyway?” one. The traveling books were basically a fresh new series, so the Ripper book is a natural endpoint for Londinium’s best mystery-solvers, and it will leave on a mostly-satisfactory note.

It’s a little disappointing, but thankfully, my editor already had interest in another series–remember the trailer-park sidhe? That series, featuring Jeremy Gallow and Robin Ragged (you may remember them from Gallow’s Rescue in the Courts of the Fey anthology) and all their enemies (because, you know, among the sidhe, there are very few “friends”) interested her from the beginning. So, the first Gallow book–which I finished, not thinking anyone would buy it, as I so often do–has taken the place of Bannon & Clare in Hong Kong.

Yesterday was difficult, mostly because I felt like I’d let my editor down. I’ve been working with her for about a decade now, and I felt like I had somehow done something wrong. Of course, she immediately disabused me of the notion, reassured me, and called so I could hear the reassurance in her tone. A good editor is like that–flexible, and committed to communication.

So now I must switch gears, and start working on Rattlesnake Wind, which is a YA I’m writing I don’t think anyone will ever buy (seriously, it’s such a departure from anything I’ve ever done) and gathering visual and emotional food for the second Gallow book. Which means my research reading needs to shift from the Taiping Rebellion and China in the 1890s to fairies, fae, sidhe, and Arthurian legend. I’ll probably be a bit starey-eyed while all that shakes out inside my noggin. Thanks for all your support and kind words–yesterday was sort of a rough ride, emotionally.

And yes, I did visit Emphysema Joe yesterday, but that’s (say it with me) another blog post.

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If you write it, I’m highly likely to read it, and then pimp it out. I love your books, I adore your blog, and I’m very grateful that you share your stories with all of us.


I guarantee that, if it’s an ebook from you, I _will_ buy it!

I’m rereading the Dante Valentine series again for the 5th time. I still get hooked on the first page, and the tears still come at the same places in the story. I think Jill will be next, also for the 5th time.


So sad to hear that, I love the B&C series. Good luck with the next series .


well, poo.. I thought your version of London was quite fetching, and ..and.. sigh.

maybe you can finish nr 4 some day and ebook it.


No more B&C?? *sniffle*

Mary @ BookSwarm

Aw. I’m sorry about the end of that fantastic series. But I’m excited to read your new ventures. A trailer park sidhe? I’m totally in. Of course, I’ll read ANYTHING you write.

G Abrahams

There’s just something so wrong about a world where the B&C books don’t just rocket to the top of the charts. How have we fallen so far afield?


I’m so sad to to hear this. I just picked up my first Bannon and Clare book over Christmas and loved it.