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A Productive Wallow

Road So yesterday I had a good bit of a wallow. Yes, I actually scheduled my wallow in self-doubt, pity, and questioning.

And dumped out 2K wordcount on the suspense-romance I’m doing for my writing partner. It was a most productive wallow.

So now, instead of finishing Bannon & Clare in Hong Kong, I’m working on Agent Zero–the suspense-romance–and the second Jeremy Gallow book, as well as Rattlesnake Wind. Of the three of them, Agent Zero will probably be the one I finish first. It’s heating up and I’m about to start the mad dash for the end. I might send it to the agent once it’s done and see if it can find a home.

Rattlesnake Wind will take a while longer. For one thing, the book wants to be written in a spiral notebook, as if I’m fifteen again. Transcribing it to Word will tax my patience, I’m sure, and I don’t know…once I’m done with it, I may go to a public place and just toss the notebook. Burn it, or something. Maybe give it a Viking funeral over water, I do live near a river. Then I’ll put it away on my hard drive and never look at it again.

Then, the second Gallow book. The first one’s already finished, and I’m boiling the second in the back of my head, bits of the plot arcs, both large and small, coalescing. Wrenching my brain away from China in the 1890s and into almost-modern-day trailer-park sidhe playing both Courts, Seelie and Unseelie, is a little…exotic. I’m sure once I finish another book this weird sense of cramping inside my brain will go away. I had a minor bit of tears welling up when I put the research books for The Jade Crane Affair back on the shelf, I must admit.

But Bannon & Clare are left in a good place, at a natural endpoint for the Londinium books. Maybe one day I’ll go back to them. Doubtful, but possible.

Thanks for all the support and kind words. I’m actually quite lucky, in that I had something else to give my editor when it became clear Bannon & Clare wasn’t doing well. Another instance of the shotgun theory of publishing (produce, finish, rinse, repeat, and sooner or later someone will want something you’ve written) serving me in good stead. It may not work for everyone, but right now, I’m pretty grateful I followed the impulse to finish the first Gallow book. And I’m ever so grateful my editor is honest and flexible, as well as committed to me.

Last but not least, I am really grateful for you, my darling Readers. I’m going to get back to work making more stories for you.

Right now.

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Yay! More stories, more stories!

Colleen Champagne

I can’t wait to see what’s rattling around in that busy labyrinth of a brain you have!

Cadence Brennan (@cadence3198)

Reading what goes on in your mind as multiple tales unfold – well, it is just amazing. As are you!

Jean Marie Ward

I loved Bannon and Claire, thought was the best steampunk fantasy out there. But markets is markets, and there’s no understanding them. I’m just glad you get to finish out the contract and that there will be more, wonderful stories to come. I can’t wait to read the books in the pipeline. All the best!

Jessie Stouffer

So happy to have more strange things to read and recommend.


A wallow day, what a great idea! A cathartic cleansing, now you can start fresh and leave all the ‘crap’ behind. Always happy to hear you’ve got more stories for us. 🙂
Have a great weekend!


with B&C going on a super secret mission, and the Deathly Wallows accomplished, (which is good, scheduling, that way one has the right tools for wallowing) its good to hear that we have something new and shiny to look forwards to in the future. Cuz we likes when you give us the new and shiny.


I’ll be sad to see Bannon and Clare go. I enjoyed their adventures and friendship.