Spring Planning

Genesis Yesterday I took a ramble with Miss B, mostly because we had both been trapped in the house that damn flu. (Side note: this morning I woke up to my nose tingling so much my teeth almost hurt while my body decided to flush vestiges of the sickness out. FUN.) It wasn’t until we were halfway through the woods that I put my finger on what was nagging at me: the ferns were back, and new-lush green. Not only that, but the trees are bearing tiny buds, preparing for spring. This led to me checking around the house when I got home, and yes, crocuses and snowdrops are beginning to sprout. A bit early, but I’m sure they know their business. If it means winter’s grip is loosening, well then. I’m just hoping no late frost kills all the bulbs and the trees, but they can’t both be wrong, can they?

Which means it’s time to start thinking about this year’s vegetable garden. Some kale overwintered from last year, and the garlic I planted in fall is coming up too. It will be nice to dig a bulb or three up and do an actual garlic braid eventually. Tomatoes, sugar snap peas, beans, chard and more kale, and maybe some cabbage. Sauerkraut made from one’s own cabbage, wouldn’t that be a treat? Plus I should probably get some mason bees. Since the neighbors have very small children, a honeybee hive is not a good idea yet. Plus, bees are technically another pet, and I’m not allowed any more unless one of the ones we already have shuffles off to Animal Heaven.

Also, yesterday, we took the Yule tree down. The holidays were calm and quiet, but I was still twitchy all the way through them. That’s one thing about trauma: getting better involves processing, and you don’t have the energy to process if you’re drowning in stress. Lowering stress tolerance means less stress, and that means more energy for processing–so even if things are going well and you’re still jumpy, it doesn’t necessarily mean bad things.

There, that’s my deep thought for the start of the year. Time to go get some writing done, while spring tiptoes closer.

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, bees are technically another pet,

would that be an inside pet?