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Serial Finish, And More

Selene The Selene serial is now finished! The last chapter and epilogue went up yesterday. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. It will remain up for a couple weeks, and once I have a firm date for the book release I’ll also announce it. I originally planned to take the serial down once the paper book was queued and ready to go, and I may still do that. Not sure yet.

I start out each week intending to blog more, but then life rears up and bites in assorted places. Part of it is no longer having a quiet space or time in the morning–since the Little Prince’s school burned down, getting him to the places he needs to be requires daily attention. In other words, he used to take the bus, but now he doesn’t for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the fact that we got him a boundary exception when we moved so he could stay with the teachers and kids he loves so much. Next year things will be back to normal (or whatever passes for it) where school transportation is concerned, and we’re lucky that we have the resources to get him there and home by private means every day.

Anyway, between that, putting out SquirrelTerror and Selene, piano practice, and research, my schedule’s taken a bit of a hit. I’m hard at work on the fourth Bannon & Clare, my fairytale retelling Wayfarer comes out in the upcoming months, and I’m looking at the shape of my career changing rather quickly this year, so…yeah. Publishing requires one to be a shark–keep swimming to avoid suffocation, and always smile.

With that charming thought, I shall vanish in a cloud of bubbles…

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Dearest Lili, you are too generous for words! Well, not for WORDS words, ’cause those words are what keep us happy. I don’t usually read for free anything I’m planning to buy later, and your words fall into that category. Still, you deserve a big HUG and THANK YOU for keeping me entertained, interested, and happy. You are a talent I am thrilled to support by buying and reading your works, then sharing with others. So . . . HUGS and THANK YOU!!!

Colleen Champagne

Tim you put my feelings into words that i don’t have. I agree whole heartedly.


you know I will always buy my Lili books…

that life thing, yeah, its got its moments…


I had been collecting the Selene story, but I’ve decided to wait until the book comes out to finish reading it. Thank you for all your hard work.