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Snow Day

A quilled snowflake Brrr. The door onto the deck was almost frosted shut this morning, again. *shivers* There’s a little snow, which doesn’t usually happen in these here parts. (This is a good thing–people start driving like idiots when there’s even a touch of the white stuff in the forecast.) The wind is up, and it carries eddies and swirls of white with it. Taking the kids to school is a slow patient process on days like this. It’s a dry, crunching snow, on dry roads, which is probably the best thing to have if one must drive in frozen precipitation.

The dogs don’t want to go outside, even to pee. You’d think they weren’t wearing fur coats, for God’s sake. I had to coax Odd Trundles down the stairs with a handful of kibble. Thankfully he trotted away into the wilds of the backyard to do his business.

My office is a complete gawdawful mess, but Ruby revisions can’t wait. I have her soundtrack playing–she goes from Delerium to Daft Punk to Pet Shop Boys, with a little INXS thrown in. I really should get those soundtrack pages together, so you guys can hear what I listen to when I write certain books. *is thoughtful* But that’s a project for another day. I’ve slid another scene into Ruby and am going through layering in more detail–I work fast and clean on the first draft, and am always told to add more, more, more. Which is okay, it’s probably better than being told to cut cut cut. Both are pretty painful, though. I feel like I’m adding wind resistance to a racecar, because the story is always so clear in my head, it feels unbearably slow to weight them down. Unfortunately, Readers can’t peer into my brainpan. (Wait, maybe that is fortunate. There’s weird stuff in there.) Anyway, off I go to bolt more details onto the story.

Stay warm out there, Readers.

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