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Kanincheneule. It’s getting warmer! Only ten degrees below freezing. I know, I’m a delicate PNW mushroom, we’re not used to this sort of weather. It’s like when the temperature gets above seventy–to us, that’s damn warm. And they’re saying freezing rain tonight and tomorrow, which…joy. Last time we had freezing rain we were trapped in the house under a few inches of solid ice. I am NOT KIDDING. Solid. Ice. I couldn’t even get down the driveway without slipping four or five times and falling down. I was black and blue for weeks.

Anyway, revisions on Ruby proceed apace, and I’m almost ready to start in on November’s editing queue. Speaking of editing, I’m still running the NaNoWriMo deal. When you’re ready for line editing, copyediting, and proofreading, Brian White at Talkwordy can take care of you. If it’s a cover or regular editing you’re looking for, Skyla Dawn Cameron is AWESOME. She formats ebooks, too, and it’s her I turn to for my formatting ebook and cover needs.

Honestly, I should just start a collective with those two and offer one-stop self-publishing shopping, you know?

I have a couple auditions to listen to for the SquirrelTerror audiobook; if you’re interested in a royalty split, please submit one! I’ll leave auditions open until the end of this week.

And that’s about it, except for me braving the elements today to get more milk. Tomorrow’s forecast does not look good…

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Good luck with the milk run. Think you have room in your backyard for a cow for days like these?

Colleen Champagne

I moved to Dallas this fall in part to get away from Michigan weather. We have been under ice since Thursday evening! It’s dangerous out there!


The Damn Cat sits in front of the heat vent and whines when the hot air stops blowing on him. If he went outside (indoor only animal however), he would freeze immediately.

Maybe you should start your collective up, you are doing it already.