Longer Days

Rain bokeh There’s a new chapter of Selene up today, and there will also be another one tomorrow. Happy Yule!

We celebrated the Solstice with a tonne of good food, my sisters visited and we had a marvelous time. Of course the kids will open their presents from Saint Nick on Christmas, because who doesn’t like opening presents? I got a book of Beethoven sheet music and some fine, fine chocolate. Speaking of which, did you know there’s Ramen chocolate? It was…interesting. I could see chopping it up and crusting a steak with it, because the garlic and soy sauce are very savoury indeed.

One of the biggest hits of the solstice was kinetic sand. The Little Prince got some kickass art supplies too, and since he has taken to drawing Pokemon in his school journal (this is actual homework, OMG) he was over the moon.

I got to cook and fuss over everyone. There was much wine, homemade pasta, coq au vin (I got a whole chicken that had already been cut up, my first time doing this recipe with bone-in meat) and gingerbread, fudge (my middle sister is a fudge goddess), and we decorated our tiny little tree. Or rather, the kids did the running back and forth with ornaments and the adults sipped wine and rested.

All in all, it was lovely. This is a far cry from the stressful Christmases of my childhood, and I prefer it this way. I hope yours is just as peaceful and merry, dear Reader.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next chapter of Selene; after that I might take some time off until the New Year. Right now I’ve got to finish this coffee…and maybe sneak in a little WoW before the bread pudding is done baking.

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You always evoke an emotional response from me. This time was a warm feeling in my heart region, and a smile on my flour covered face (yes, I’m baking goodies). Many thanks!


I am so glad you had a lovely Yule with your family. Thanks for the extra chapter, and enjoy your well-earned rest!