Bonebreaking Inside

Skulls 8 - photo by Augusto De Luca There’s a new chapter of Selene up today! Things are heating up in the story. I have the serial chapters all scheduled, including two in the week leading up to Yule. I am also testing a way for Readers to buy SquirrelTerror, Quill & Crow, and Selene ebooks through this site. Very exciting! Also involved is a new payment and checkout experience for editing packages, but that’s still in beta and needs OODLES more testing before it’s done.

I also have a Deadline Dames post due today, so that will be up later. I guess we’re taking some holiday time off. There are tons of back posts, however! Do check us out.

Since it’s so slippery outside (freezing fog! Black ice! No school!) taking Miss B on a run isn’t an option. Poor thing. She’s all but twitching; I may take her for a ramble later when it warms up. I’m going to resort to the treadmill in the garage, since I don’t want to break a bone or two outside. (I prefer all my bonebreaking to be inside, thank you.)

I should get on that and stop messing with landing pages and PayPal integration. Catch you in a bit, Readers.