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Crow and Tree - Heaven and Earth in Winter The tea experiment–long story, suffice to say we were puzzled by some medical issues and cutting back on caffeine was one of the things we thought might be an easy fix or at least helpful–is OVER. I was supposed to be on just enough tea to stave off caffeine withdrawal headaches for a full week, but it wasn’t working out and I went in early for some tests that will helpfully narrow down the problem more. Which is all to say THANK GOD I CAN DRINK COFFEE AGAIN. It was kind of ridiculous, because I was only drinking three shots of espresso in the morning and then nothing with caffeine for the rest of the day, but oh well. Never doing THAT again.

Anyway, the kids are back at school after Thanksgiving break. Today is all about revisions for Ruby, since I was a busy busy girl over the holiday. Not only did I take an UFYH challenge and smoke it (yay!), but I also edited and set up the remaining chapters of Selene and started making arrangements for putting the serial together with Brother’s Keeper and the followup short story Just Ask (where Selene and Nikolai meet again, and negotiate terms for their ongoing relationship) to make a complete book, which the lovely Skyla Dawn Cameron is putting together a cover for. It will be the only place you can get all three of them–the complete story–together. After the book has been published, the last two-thirds of the serial will be taken down, so just be advised about that.

Speaking of speaking, I have a call out for audiobook people who’d like to do SquirrelTerror. Since this particular book is short and already has a built-in fanbase for anything audio, I’m offering a royalty split. This is sort of a test case; if it goes well I might look into doing some collections or other books that don’t have a trad publisher behind them. Just testing the waters, you might say. So if you know anyone in the audiobook biz, if you wouldn’t mind passing that link along, it would be grand.

There is much to report on the book front (especially since I sent off a reasonable first draft of Iron Plague well before my self-chosen deadline) and the piano lessons front, and the book cataloguing front (I finished the grand cataloguing experiment, OMG), but it’s going to have to wait until I can turn in the next draft of Ruby.

Also, if you finished NaNoWriMo, I am extending my Hot Nano Deals editing discount until December 15. Note that the discount applies if you sign up before the deadline, no matter when I do the edits. I have two or three full-manuscript edit slots coming up at the end of December, so you might want to get in now, if you want my grubby editorial paws all over your novel.

That’s about all for today. It’s a Monday, so let’s buckle on our big boots and punch today in the nads, all right?


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Lili! I am really sorry you are not feeling well, and I hope the docs get it sorted out for you. You are hands down one of my favorite writers. And, since Brothers Keeper was the first time I ever read anything of yours, I am way excited to finally see a Selene/Nikolai book in the works! I think I found and gobbled up all of the Dante Valentine books within about a week, and yet I’ve always been fascinated with Selene and Nikolai…so yay!


I’ve…uh, been meaning to mention your cataloging is not yet complete because I…uh, have several of your books here at my place.

Woops. *cheesy nervous grin*


congrats on your cataloging, I dont think I will ever be done with mine, and its good to see that someone actually finished theirs.

Hope the health issues resolve themselves too. And looking forwards to more book.


Soo excited to be able to purchase Selene’s story!!