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It’s here! Remember when I did regular Friday posts about writing? Those posts are being collected and re-edited (part of the website reclamation project that helped piece SquirrelTerror back together) and Volume 1, with essays drawn from 2006-2008 (God, that was a long time ago) is now available in ebook!

QuillandtheCrow_Vol1-lg From the Introduction:

“I dislike books on writing for the same reason I dislike self-help books: because people mistake the work of reading them for the actual work one must do to get better at writing, or better at dealing with yourself and your foibles. The ersatz jolt of advice wears off after a while, leaving the reader in exactly the same place, and they go searching for another high. Like the diet industry, if there was ever a “magic” formula, the entire edifice would tank overnight and several people would be out of jobs.

Why am I doing this? Simple. I’ve been asked by Readers and fellow writers to collect these essays for their reference. If it reaches beyond that small audience, please be warned: there are no goddamn shortcuts, don’t mistake the effort of reading this for the real work.

Which is writing.”

Available for Kindle and other ebook formats!

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Can’t wait to read, despite the disclaimer. 🙂 PS, random comment, but since I wasn’t sure if it was deliberate or not, I will bravely mention (hoping you don’t take offense at the presumption) that the way that your posts shorten on the main page make them also shorter on blog readers such as Feedly (how I normally follow you and others) and I suspect it means that not everyone sees all of your posts in their fullness. My apologies in advance if you already knew that and were doing it deliberately (I suspect the decision would weigh the trade… Read more »


Hm. I actually hadn’t thought about that setting, but knowing what I do about people reading feeds, I should change it. Thanks for mentioning!