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Tea, Day 3

Day 30: Kerplunk! I’m on Day 3 of tea in the mornings instead of coffee. This is going about as well as one would expect. I’m a little clumsy without my morning jolt, and I’ve noticed the 3pm slump is full of WAAAAY more typos. This will go on for about a week, after which I’m free to go back to the coffee if it turns out that wasn’t what was throwing my body out of whack. So yeah, big fun for everyone.

Anyway, a PSA: Alibris finally has a banner up about their database situation. Basically their inventory information tanked a week ago and no orders have been reaching the booksellers who list through them. This morning, there appears to be a funky workaround, but it’s dealing with backlog and other issues–and the inventory database is still not operational. So, if you’re ordering through Alibris for anything, just be aware.

Now, for a week there they were taking orders (which includes charging a credit card or at least putting a hold on it) and not telling customers that the orders weren’t getting through to sellers. This does not inspire me to confidence in the company as a whole. Still, it would be a shame if Alibris tanked, because Abebooks is owned by Amazon (since 2008 or thereabouts, I believe). So I’m hoping they can get their act together.

I finished revisions on Iron Plague and got it sent off to writing partner, agent, and an editor who threatened to hunt me down if I didn’t send it to her. (I think she was joking. Better safe than sorry, though.) I don’t expect it to sell–it was written solely to please myself–but I’m glad to have achieved what I set out to do. Which was finish the damn book and get it in reasonable first-draft shape. *waves a small pom pom* Yay.

Speaking of which, I’m still doing NaNoWriMo deals–I may extend the editing deal through the first half of December for those who want their NaNo novel looked at.

This week I go into revisions on the third Tale of Beauty & Madness–Ruby’s story. Little Red Riding Hood and her Woodsdowne clan. I should also look at proofs for the hardcover for The Quill & the Crow. Never a dull moment here at Chez Saintcrow.

Over and out.

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Yes, being a proud Canadian, I was disgusted when Abebooks sold to Amazon… Unfortunately, Abebooks is still the best place to find the books that I want and deal with the book sellers that I want to deal with, so I’m forced to use them. Pretty soon, Amazon will own everything bookish and the world of writing will fall…


why is it Amazon must own all things books?

Miep is a very nice indie bookseller mall type site that more people should be aware of imho.