Stock, Emporium, and Chapters

rail fence Last night I tried this chicken stock recipe, waking up this morning to find the house smelling absolutely divine. The stock itself is cooling in the fridge, while the wings etc. are put away. Later today I’ll pick the wings for meat, and we’ll have chicken soup tonight. Which will be awesome, because I’m fighting off a cold–head full of cotton wool, body aching all over. No running today, which quite irritates me. But I’ll be even more irritated if I push myself and stupidly get sick.

Anyway, it was a busy weekend here! I tossed some new stuff into the Emporium:

More fun than an excited bulldog!

I finished copyedits on the third Bannon & Clare last week, so it was straight into Iron Plague revisions and some sample chapters for a sci-fi YA/NA sort of thing. I don’t normally do sample chapters, but in this case it’s a necessary evil. *shrugs* More to be said about that, but not now.

There was also a Habitat for Humanity dedication to attend–the Princess’s Math in Construction class last year built half a house, and another local high school’s class did the same. It was amazing to see what she’d spent all year working on, and meeting the family the house was built for was pretty amazing too. I asked the Princess what her favourite part about the building was, and she replied, “Sitting in the bathtub,” with a wide, cheeky grin.

I also managed to get the upstairs library catalogued. Including the stack of reference books next to my bed, and the TBR piles sitting on the coffee table and on the other side of my bed. (For those curious, I’m using Collectorz Books.) That makes just over a thousand books, which makes me a bit nervous about doing the downstairs library, which is a little larger. (Just a little. *headdesk*) An embarrassment of riches, indeed. Of course, I buy stuff for the kids first and books second, so I suppose it’s not surprising.

Today is for errands and finishing up said sample chapters,sending them and a few other things to the Fabulous Agent, and doing the chores I didn’t manage yesterday. (Like hoovering. Almost the bane of my existence laundry is…but not quite.) I’ll leave you with this fascinating piece on tattooing in 19th century British gaols. Enjoy!

Over and out.

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ooh, knowing that there are more books to come… always nice.

Inventory of the books is a Good Thing! It helps stop duplication! (well, mostly, there are those embarassing dupes that occur..)