Samples and Practice

piano The piano lessons proceed apace. Daily practice is sometimes frustrating–for example, a simple adaptation of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik makes my brain cramp something fierce, and it’s taken me three days to get to the point where I can pick out a reasonable facsimile of it. Still, there’s progress, and I’m in the process of deciding with my teacher what my first real “work on it” piece should be. I’m tempted to just start at one end of The Well-Tempered Clavier and work through the whole damn thing. Idle hands, and all that.

The book cataloguing also proceeds well. Five bookcases left. Of course, it’s just the books that I couldn’t scan in with my phone as a barcode reader, which isn’t quite so bad. But (and this is a big drawback) two of those bookcases are my Tanith Lee collection and the occult section. Lots of editions without ISBNs, lots of weird little things. I suspect those two cases will take me longer than the whole rest of the downstairs library. On the bright side, I was surprised that most of my Eastern Front books could be scanned in.

I sent off sample chapters for a new YA/NA series yesterday. Normally I don’t do sample chapters, because things change so much between the initial idea for a series and its finished form. Unfortunately, though, the publisher insisted, despite everything. It was good practice, I guess, even though I was frustrated by a number of circumstances surrounding the damn thing. I also sent off a chunk of a romantic suspense book, because diversification is the name of the game. With that done, I can turn my attention to Iron Plague, get it revised into first-draft shape, and send it off before the end of November, which was my NaNo goal this year.

Speaking of NaNo, I’m still running editing deals. Signing up for my waiting list during November will get you the discount, even if I don’t do your edits until later.

That’s pretty much all the news that’s fit to print. I have a post due at the Deadline Dames later today, and I’m thinking about fairy tales. *puts on thinking cap*

Over and out.

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if those two bookcases start conspiring with the squirrels, you are possibly *doomed* … now I have a mental picture of One Squirrel dressed up like the Nazi in Indiana Jones chanting…


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