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Not Juggling Chainsaws

Winter fairy 4500 words on Iron Plague yesterday. I found out what a secondary character’s motivations are, which was nice–I knew said character wanted something, just not what. Turns out the Muse, as usual, is smarter than I am, and had her own reasons for the way that character acted.

The book is spiking toward the finish, which is good because soon I have to stop working on it and shift to copyedits, then come back and hopefully do a first-pass edit and THEN shift to revisions on yet another book. It’s not as dangerous as juggling chainsaws, but it does make one’s brain feel rather like it’s being pummeled by a large Swedish masseuse.

Also pummeling my brain: piano practice. I never learned to read music, being told I was unmusical; I did sing in choir but that seemed different, since I only needed to hear the tune once to sing melody or harmony. So I’m nervously hoping learning to read music won’t be impossible. So far, with the finger numbers and the note-letters below the piece, I manage to make a fair go of it. Without those training wheels, though, I’m not sure what will happen.

Last but not least, the new keyboard is doing…all right, I guess. I’m almost as fast on it now as on a regular flat keyboard, and it solves a couple of muscle-ache problems. I spend so much time tapping away at it that we’ve reached a detente, and yesterday I found myself typing without having to think about the keyboard at all–by far my favourite state of affairs.

So today, it’s more Jeremy Gallow. We have a betrayal, a battle, and some justice to write.

Over and out.

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  1. “… only needed to hear the tune once to sing melody or harmony.” That sounds like musical talent to me! Some music majors in college can’t do that. Don’t sweat the note reading. It’s just like your new keyboard – do it enough and it will come naturally.

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