Expecto Montoya

Driving back from the Prince’s first piano lesson, the windshield wipers going. I’d picked up a Harry Potter sheet music book for the Princess; the Prince was looking at it in the car on the way home. “Harry looks mad,” he said.

“Well, Harry might have a thing or two to be mad about,” I replied.

Then, from the back seat, in a sepulchral tone: “Hello. My name is Harry Potter. You killed my family. Prepare to die.

I laughed so hard I almost ran off the road. I’m still giggling.

Sometimes, I dare to think I’m raising these kids right.

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That is SO AWESOME!!


oh, I live for those moments with Hipster Tween. they almost make up for the other 85% of the moments that make me wonder what the hell I was thinking in replicating myself.


HAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha! Perfect!